Starting Out Your Day With Chicago’s Premier Coffee and Donuts

Everyone has a different way of starting out their day. For many Americans, the love of a fresh cup of coffee is the best way.

Coffee and Donuts as a Past Time

There has been a myth that a cup of coffee and a donut or pastry is an American tradition. However, enjoying coffee and pastries together have their roots in early Europe. The origins of early coffee use can be traced to Ethiopia and the Middle East. But once it hit the European block, it became a smash hit as coffee houses serving a cup of coffee and delicate pastries popped up.

The first European coffee house opened in Venice in 1645, and by 1683 it had reached most of Europe, including the first coffee house of Austria in that same year. It landed in the Americas not long after.

Chicago’s Fresh Roasted Coffee Scene

With all the hustle and bustle of Chicago, there is no shortage of love for a fresh cup of coffee and a delightful donut from Chicago donut shops to start out the day. The city has vast opportunities for foodies to divulge in extraordinary foods. And when it comes to coffee and donuts, one of the best coffee and pastry shops in all of Chicago is Stan’s Donuts. They offer a combination of premier artisanal baked donuts that feature extraordinary flavors and textures and locally-roasted coffee perfect for traditional decadent handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks.

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee offers their fresh roasted coffee and fresh-baked donut offerings and their location. They are offering a variety of donuts, try a baker’s dozen of our whimsical donuts, incomparable coffee, and luscious soft-serve ice cream. For more inquiries, visit their website or contact them today.

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