Start Your Mobile Coffee Business With The Coffee Tricycle

When it’s time to take your java business on the road, it’s time for a Coffee Tricycle. Brewing and marketing the best coffee does no good if you can’t get your product to consumers. With the tricycle, it’s easy to zip through the crowds at county fairs, festivals and celebrations. Set-up is quick and so easy.

24-speeds make it a breeze to pedal to your destination. The heavy-duty tires and steel frame mean that your entrepreneurial dollars will stretch farther. You can purchase options like an umbrella and spring-loaded cup holders, LED lighting packages, and custom vinyl wrap for your box. Choose from standard color offerings like blue, green, yellow or burgundy. Your coffee tricycle umbrella, panels and box can also be personalized with your unique business colors.

Inside the insulated cargo area, there is room for 9-gallons of coffee. Cold plates, hoses, and nitrogen set-ups are included. Outside, the butcher block table, two taps, and a drip area with a removable container make it easy to serve customers their favorite cup of Joe. Place your logo on the umbrella or side of the panel to draw repeat customers.

A portable business like the coffee tricycle is a great way to supplement income. Ride up and down the beach boardwalk, selling iced coffee to hot beach-goers. Take your mobile business to Fourth of July celebrations, company picnics, parades, and the annual Bigfoot festival. You could also make your business into a full-time enterprise. Since the tricycle doesn’t take up much space, it would be easy to find a good city corner or parking lot for set-up. Word will quickly get out about the mobile tricycle that sells ‘the most amazing coffee!’

Choose your trike. Customize it with your favorite company colors. Finally, get started selling the best coffee around.

For more information on Coffee Tricycle, contact through their website today!

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