May 9, 2013

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Start Your Child on a Healthy Dental Regimen

We know the health of your children is one of your dearest concerns and that includes the health of their teeth. Starting them on a good dental regime that teaches them not only how to brush their teeth at home but also seeing the dentist on a regular basis is all a part of keeping a healthy smile. At the Childrens dentist in Mililani HI we specialize in making your child feel as comfortable in our chairs as they are in your chairs at your home.

Good dental hygiene starts at a very young age, even before those teeth come in. They are growing before you see them and when the teeth appear,they are that beautiful healthy white you should expect. At this very young age we work with our parents to begin the healthy teeth regimen for their children. We are here to help you assist your child in developing a healthy mouth habit. With you present beside your child, we discuss brushing and flossing skills, what snacks and food promote healthy teeth, and why seeing the dentist is important to them. We like our young patients to leave happy and secure that a trip to the dentist office is a pleasant experience. We want our parents to leave with the same feeling, too.

Only a pediatric dentist will have the tools and supplies that meet the needs of children with their smaller mouths and baby teeth. At Childrens dentist in Mililani HI we are stocked and supplied to accommodate our youngest of patients. We pride ourselves in knowing how to work with children to encourage them to develop their good dental hygiene habits. With care and concern, we patiently work with them to put them at ease within the dentist office environment. Our dental office is geared toward our young patients, from the inviting waiting room to our comfortable and private examination spaces. We understand the needs of our young patients and expertly work with each as though they were our own children.

Make regular appointments for your child to see the dentist. Start them early with the signs of their first teeth to both guide you to promote a healthy smile and they will adopt the good dental hygiene you desire for them to have.

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