Nov 8, 2017

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Stainless Steel Scales: Tough, Durable And Ideal For Weighing Animals

Stainless Steel Scales: Tough, Durable And Ideal For Weighing Animals

Scales are an integral component of many industries and commercial concerns. In places such as Dallas TX and Dayton OH, factories, warehouses, producers of food and beverages as well as pharmaceutical companies and trucking firms require them. They may use bench, portion or truck scales. However, zoos, veterinarians, and research labs also need scales. For them, only stainless steel scales can deliver the accuracy and toughness their professions demand.


Working with animals, large or small, can be challenging at the best of times. If you are part of a zoo staff, operate a veterinarian hospital or work in a lab, you require equipment that can do its job accurately and quickly. It must also be durable. This is why many who work in these areas choose stainless steel devices. They know stainless steel scales are ideal. They are:

* Durable

* Easy to clean/disinfect

* Resistant to rust/corrosion

They are capable of repelling the negative effects of water, dust, dirt and the various small “offerings” animals leave behind, e.g., hair, nails, droppings.

Stainless Steel Scales

Whether you work in a veterinarian hospital, laboratory or a zoo, you will require scales to measure accurately the weight of the various animals. In fact, you will probably have to have more than one type of scale. The kind capable of providing you with the right weight of a hamster in Dallas TX is not going to be effective for giving you the correct information about a tiger cub let alone a full-grown tiger in Orlando FL.

Different scales are available for addressing the needs of professionals when weighing animals of diverse sizes, shapes, and types. It is important to keep the size, growth patterns and habitat in mind when purchasing/renting scales. However, whether the animal is big or small, aquatic or land-based, one type of scale will provide accuracy, durability, and reliability – one constructed of the right material. Stainless steel scales are ideal for weighing animals of all types.

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