Apr 11, 2014

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Stainless Steel is not just for the Knives and Forks

Knives, forks and spoons are probably the most common items we see and use that are made from stainless steel. We rarely think of other items in our home that might be made from the same material but there are hundreds, if not thousands of every-day things we use which are made of stainless steel. It is not uncommon for some exquisite jewelry to be made from stainless steel. Before people consider stainless steel jewelry as an option they tend to dismiss it, simply because it is not one of the precious metals like gold, platinum or silver. However, because of the way stainless steel is treated it can look like white gold, platinum or silver simply because it has the same tone and color. It is also corrosion resistance and therefore will not rust or make your fingers turn green in the same way that gold or silver plated jewelry will.

Despite its inability to rust, stainless steel will tarnish, but it can easily be polished in the same way as gold and silver. Because we see so many huge objects, such as buildings and motor vehicles, every day, that use stainless steel in one form or another, we tend to not think of it is as being delicate, dainty or subtle and elegant. We think of it has heavy and lumbering rather than in an artistic form such as jewelry.

The Art Form of Jewelry

Jewelry is an elegant art form which can be designed and made using a huge variety of materials including gemstones, precious stones, precious metals, a mixture of all of those listed. Jewelry can be a totally personal art form that is designed by the maker to appeal to anyone who likes simplistic jewelry and jewelry with a personal touch. It is a creation that a jewelry maker starts out with as a concept, an idea, a seedling in the mind. They take the stainless steel and mold it to create the pattern and shape they desire. They lovingly polish the metal, bringing to a perfect gleaming shine, they set a diamond, or an amber stone, or alexandrite or topaz into infinity rings, the necklaces or brooches and they create a piece of jewelry personal on the owner.


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