Apr 3, 2013

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St. George Utah MLS Information

MLS stands for multiple listings services, which means the realtor handles a variety of listings. This may include foreclosures, crop owned and short sales. These are very common in a down economy and you will end up finding very good deals from MLS realtors. St. George Utah MLS realtors typically list what type of listing the property is in the written content for the property.

It is important to remember that listings for MLS in St. George Utah are not for everyone and the opportunity largely depends on your experience in buying homes. These listings can be fantastic deals for those looking to get into their first home. However, for investment purposes, the MLS may not always be the route to go since you may deal with an emotionally charged seller that is looking specifically for someone who will stay in the home.

Often realtors are reluctant to work with foreclosures because you are not able to push and market the sale in the same manner. Instead of walking someone through a home that is staged, you may be doing walk-thrus with an empty property that may have an unsightly yard. A lot of the time there’s no time or money to fix these things up before someone comes to view the property, so it’s a very impersonal experience.

The vast majority of the time, the people viewing the property are looking to rent or flip the home and are not looking for aesthetics, but rather the bones of the house as well as the schools, location and such. Because of this, the realtor doesn’t have to worry about staging a walk-thru for a home that looks like it’s currently occupied.

Many free MLS listings are available online or for a price. You can usually find all of the MLS for your area in one place and sometimes they are not directly associated with realtors because of the reasons listed above. You will see that MLS are plentiful, especially in large cities that have seen many foreclosures.

This creates the perfect opportunity for buyers who want to pounce on a great buy and have everything they need without reaching out to a pricey realtor who will charge them serious fees. Some foreclosures do used real estate agents, but many times you are purchasing the property directly from the bank, which means you do not have to pay excess fees to a middleman.


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