Jan 8, 2014

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Spinal Curvature and Its Effect on Migraines

There are numerous reasons given to sufferers of migraines as to why they may experience chronic headaches. Some doctors blame hormones, others try to pinpoint areas of decreased blood flow to the brain, and others may blame the use of current medications as a reason for headaches. While all of these reasons could be the cause for headaches, it’s frustrating to hear that there may not be a chronic headache relief method suitable for your condition.

There are doctors who specialize in spinal disorders and how the curvature of the spine affects headaches and back pain. In fact, many patients receive some form of relief from chiropractic treatments when suffering from migraines or chronic headaches. Doctors and researchers now know that the curvature of the spine can greatly affect someone’s overall health, and with proper spinal adjustments, chronic headache relief is possible.

What Is the Spinal Curvature?

The spine has a natural forward curve when looked at from the side. When a doctor takes an x-ray of the spine, he or she is looking to see if the normal curvature of the spine has shifted due to age, a traumatic event, or poor posture. If the curve of the spine shifts too much, it can cause a curvature reversal or even appear to have lost its’ curve.

When the spine loses its’ curve, it causes more tension on the neck. The neck loses its’ natural ability to carry the head correctly, which can weigh up to 12lbs, and you may begin to feel headaches or neck pain. Combine the spine’s loss of curvature and the poor posture of many people and you can understand why spine health is so important to chronic headache relief.

Restoring the Spine’s Natural Curvature

It’s not impossible to restore your spine, although it does take consistent effort to repair your spine to good health. If you’ve tried medications, massages, and stretches but still suffer from migraines or chronic headaches, you should consider spinal curve restoration. A chiropractor can help you create a plan to restore your spine, or you can use at-home spinal restorers to improve your posture and reduce the frequency or intensity of your headaches. You may be amazed at how correcting spinal damage will also provide chronic headache relief.

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