Speed, Accuracy, Integrity: Working With a Local Gilbert AZ Bail Bondsman

A local bail bondsman in Gilbert, AZ, can be a lifesaver after you get arrested. This is especially true if the arrest happens in the wee hours. A competent, local bail bondsman can get the ball rolling at any time, 24/7, securing your release from jail in as little as six hours. Here’s how it works.

Use Free Phone Calls Wisely

Most jurisdictions allow you one or more free phone calls soon after arrest and booking, usually within hours or days. Call a trusted loved one, or call a local bail bondsman. Time of day is irrelevant to most seasoned bond agents. They’re prepared around the clock to take calls and initiate the bail bond process immediately.

What You Need to Tell the Bondsman

Most bond agents require preliminary info about the defendant prior to beginning the bail bond process: booking location, booking number, name, charges, and bail amount. Present bail amounts for minor charges appear on a bail schedule. More complicated crimes and priors might require an arraignment or bail hearing. This can take place within 72 hours of arrest and booking.

The Bail Bond Process

A bail bond costs 10 percent of your full bail amount. It’s a nonrefundable premium paid to the bond agent for his/her services. Thus, your bail bond for a $5,000 bail is $500. If the payment part of the bail bond process goes smoothly, the completion and filing of paperwork with the court can happen in as little as 20 minutes. Release times vary but range from one hour at local police stations and six to 10 or more hours at county jails. A local bail bondsman services in Gilbert, AZ, is awaiting your call.

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