Mar 26, 2014

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Specialized Packing Services in Austin Take On Difficult, Unique Projects

Companies with routine, regular packing and shipping needs often find it worthwhile to create relationships with specialists who can provide such services. Just as there are a number of local operations dedicated to helping their partners in this way, there are others which specialize in successfully and safely dealing with more demanding and occasional needs. Certain packing services in Austin, for example, focus on satisfying the needs of customers who must have especially delicate or difficult-to-handle items safely crated and shipped.

One such operation at Crate Master has a long history of creating custom-made shipping containers which can protect virtually any kind of cargo during shipment. It works closely with industrial concerns in the area, for example, to provide specialized shipping crates which can be used to transport expensive, delicate factory machines and other one-of-a-kind items that would not be likely to fare well in standard shipping crates.

In order to accomplish this, the company deploys teams which begin by measuring and analyzing any items to be shipped. With these dimensions and knowledge of special requirements in hand, the company’s workers then set out to build shipping containers which will hold up under even harsh treatment while also cradling their contents securely throughout transport.

This attention to detail and focus has allowed the company to provide critical help with a great number of difficult, specialized shipping projects over the years. It has created containers which were used to house and ship partially disassembled aircraft, for example, as well as some used to protect incredibly delicate and valuable pieces of artwork and glass.

Many of its clients are in need of especially large crates to accommodate shipments that could not easily be broken down into parts which would fit in smaller crates. Companies with expensive, custom-made trade show exhibits, for example, which must be shipped from one show to another over the course of a given year, have benefited greatly from its services. Like other packing services in Austin, this one focuses hard on ensuring that it will live up to the promises it makes and its customer’s needs, because these are the best ways of ensuring that it will continue to prosper. Visit


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