South Carolina Lemon Law: What is It and How the Law Protects Consumers

Across the nation, 42 states have established laws to help protect a buyer from being stuck with a defective automobile when they purchase a new vehicle. Each state has different requirements that must be met before an automobile can be deemed a lemon. In South Carolina, the state requires that if the automobile fails to meet the warranty from the manufacturer within the first 12 months after being purchased or under 12,000 miles. The consumer can receive a replacement car or be refunded a percentage of their money. South Carolina Lemon law covers automobiles that decrease in value from being out of service or cannot be fixed within a timely manner.

How the Law Benefits the Buyer

The South Carolina Lemon Law prevents the manufacturer from being able to refuse to fix the problem the buyer is experiencing with the automobile. The law is established to provide the company with a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue before the buyer can request a new car or be refunded a percentage of the money they invest in the vehicle. This prevents the owner from being stuck with an automobile that they cannot either drive or resale to regain the money they invested in the vehicle. A law that requires the manufacturer to take the auto back without the buyer suffering financial loss from the purchase.

How to Find an Attorney to Process Your Claim

When searching for a lawyer to handle your claim against the manufacturer, you want to find a firm that has a vast amount of experience in working these types of cases. An Attorney that has a history of being able to successfully win the case for their client. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® has experience with over 35,000 cases that involve the lemon law. They offer their services free to their clients and will not charge them if they cannot win the claim for their clients. Their team of attorneys will receive their payment from the manufacturer when they successfully help you recover from your claim. Visit for more info.

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