Sourcing and Buying Wholesale Tortillas in Connecticut

Connecticut is part of the New England states and borders New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This makes it a very reachable state and the border with New York means that it can easily obtain some of the same foods from around the world as New York can. Transportation between Connecticut and New York is very fast and simple and therefore food distribution is also very convenient.

The mounting popularity of Mexican and Hispanic foods in the north east region of the United states has also meant that demand has grown for tortillas. A tortilla is a crepe style flat bread which is made from wheat flour or corn flour and is a staple part of the Mexican and Hispanic diet. They are also a key ingredient in fajitas, burritos, quesadillas and enchiladas, as well as many other dishes. The popularity of tortillas has also forced a cross-over into the American cultural diet, whereby people now use them as a healthy alternative to regular bread in making tasty wraps and sandwiches.

Sourcing and Buying your Wholesale Tortillas
It is vital that you locate wholesale tortillas in Connecticut from a local source that you can acquaint yourself with and build a good relationship. If you buy tortillas on a regular basis and buy a large enough quantity you may find that you can negotiate with your wholesaler and try to obtain a good discount. Many wholesalers will offer a bulk price and if you buy more items you get a large deduction on the individual costs per item. This is not always the case, but it’s worth asking, just in case.

It is also worth finding out if a wholesaler offers their own delivery options or if they have an online store that you can purchase from. Online stores are a very useful way of purchasing your produce and stock of non-perishable goods without having to leave your busy business. Online stores offer larger discounts because they don’t have a customer premises that costs them money to maintain. This keeps their own costs down and they can generally transfer any savings directly onto their own customer base. This benefits you because you save money which can be put back in your own business to assist its growth.

Because Connecticut is also prone to some of the most harsh winter weather it is probably very advisable to make sure that your wholesaler is as local possible. If you are in the unfortunate position of running out of tortillas at an inopportune moment you would need to make sure that your supplier has enough in stock that you can get hold of at short notice during the months where the weather is unpredictable.

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