Sources that Attract Termites and Why You Need Termite Control in Greenville, SC

The activity of termites is a constant threat. Even though they are most active in the springs, termites are always on the hunt for a new food source. Often, they wind up finding the wood in your home as their next destination. When this happens, your home becomes the site of their next infestation. So, here are some of the things that attract them to your home.

One of the items that attract & termites is wet wood. Water can come from a number of sources such as rainfall, leaky pipes or just the constant moisture in the soil. While you can stop some sources of water such as fixing leaky pipes, you will need additional termite control in Greenville SC for the rainy season. The moisture in the wood will attract these pests and you will need additional protection.

Stacks of wood for the winter next to the home will also attract these pests. The dead wood may already have termites in it. Thus, it is easy for them to migrate from the wood to the home without too much trouble. Moving the wood away from the area will help to prevent them from migrating to your home’s wood. But if they have already made the leap, you will need to get treatment from American Services Inc. to help you combat the invaders.

Dead trees can also be infested with the pests. If this tree is located next to your home, it is a natural movement from there into your home. If the tree branches are touching your home, they already have a highway entrance. You will need termite control in Greenville SC to keep them from moving along this path and directly into your home. You may have to also get the tree removed to help prevent the threat of a future invasion.

These are some of the ways that termites can find into your home. These pests are relentless. While spring is their prime season, they can invade at any time of the year. Thus, your home must protected at all times to dissuade them from an invasion. Contact Patriot Pest Management for more information.

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