Some Important Facts That You Should Know About RMR Optic Cuts

As a gun owner, you have likely heard of a Rear Mounted Reflect Sight (RMR). If so, then you know that having an RMR on your handgun presents some issues when using a holster. Luckily, someone has already thought of a solution to deal with this. Holsters with an RMR optic cut make it easy to store your weapon when it’s not in use. See what makes these holster cuts so useful for handgun owners everywhere.

Considering the Dimensions

As noted above, mounting a sight changes the entire profile of a handgun. Yet, a properly holstered weapon needs to have most of the slide covered. Unfortunately, many of the holsters on today’s market do not have space to accommodate a red dot sight. This is where a specialized optic cut holster comes in to play. Many of these holsters are specifically designed to fit the slides of particular guns. For example, you can purchase an RMR optic cut version that fits a Glock slide. These designs will allow you to holster a Glock with a wide variety of optic sights. Therefore, you are not limited to a particular sight with most optic cut holsters.

Concealment Is Still Possible

One might think that it’s difficult to conceal a pistol with RMR optics, but it is possible. With the right optic cut holster, you don’t have to sacrifice concealment. Quality holsters carefully surround the optic to keep it safe from damage. This fit also prevents pinching when the weapon is put back into the holster. In the end, when you use an optic cut holster, you will still be able to conceal your weapon and have unfettered access to it.

Wrapping Up the Benefits

It’s true that you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices just to use a red dot sight. The good news is that you don’t have to. Use a holster with an RMR optic cut for a great fitting holster that is easy to use.

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