Dec 26, 2018

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Solve Big Problems with a Restorative Dentist in Panama City, FL

Solve Big Problems with a Restorative Dentist in Panama City, FL

Many things can happen to your teeth and gums as the years go by. You may notice that your teeth are worn down or chipped. This often happens when you grind your teeth for many years. Gums can also recede when gum disease progresses. Some people start out with gum disease at a young age, as it often begins during pregnancy. It is important to get some of the complications looked at fast, otherwise they could progress into a bad situation. Some issues can even negatively affect your overall health.

Restoring Gums

When gums recede, they can expose roots of the tooth. The teeth can become loose and bacteria can enter easily. This can lead to infections and the need for antibiotics. Gum disease may begin as a mild discomfort. It can take years to get to the point where a restorative dentist is necessary. Many patients try to floss and brush more often to help stop the disease from progressing. In many cases, however, damage continues to occur. A restorative dentist in Panama City, FL can discuss your options. Grafts may be one of those options.

Chipped Teeth

Your teeth may be chipped from years of bad habits. You may eat foods that are bad for your teeth on a regular basis. Some people grind their teeth together when they are sleeping or stressed out. You may need a restorative dentist to make your teeth look whole again. Chipped or cracked teeth can become uncomfortable as sharp edges form. Take a look at to find out more about the help that is available. You can be more comfortable and look better when these problems are resolved.

There are several options for restoring your teeth to their previous condition. You may also need some exercises or devices to help you avoid future problems. Those that grind their teeth, for example, may need a device to sleep with. Gum disease patients may need a strict hygiene routine and a better diet. Work with your dentist to improve your situation.

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