Nov 26, 2014

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Small Shops are Best for Transmission Repair in Montgomery TX

Problems with transmission are dreaded by all vehicle owners. Aside from the engine, transmission repairs or replacement can cost more than anything else in the car, or even the car itself. Having a trusted and reliable local mechanic can save a lot of stress and money.

Some of the signs that the transmission is malfunctioning include a smell of burning transmission fluid or leaking transmission fluid, loud noise when shifting gears, slipping gears, and complete lack of response when trying to shift. Looking for good Transmission Repair Montgomery TX can be daunting. Big auto chains and dealerships are known to overcharge and their services can leave a lot to be desired. The best option is to look for a smaller business with a good word-of-mouth reputation. Asking friends, family, and contacts on social media websites can be very helpful.

As with all smaller companies, it is important to verify required certifications for the shop one is considering. In case of car shops, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate should be displayed in a visible place. Driving by the shop to see the facilities also can be important. If the building and its surroundings look run down, it might be best to look elsewhere. Car shops in general hardly ever look neat, but there is no reason to leave an expensive vehicle in an area that looks like a crime scene.

A good, independent shop that handles Transmission repair Service Montgomery TX is Discount Brake & Auto Repair, online at In business for 25 years, the locally owned and operated shop is established enough to be trustworthy but still small enough to care about their clients’ satisfaction. Additionally, the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. These kinds of small auto shops do not spend a lot on advertising, so they rely on their customers’ reviews for future business. If a local company survived for decades, it’s a good sign that they offer quality services. If still in doubt, some car owners test car shops by complaining about a non-existent problem. If the mechanic confirms it, or better yet “fixes it,” it’s time to move on.
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