Skydiving Adventure- A Trip To The Sky And Back

Imagine this, you reach the fall zone in enormous excitement and your heart begins to sprint as you see others jump to nowhere. It’s time for you to jump out of a plane from probably 10,000 feet or more! You secretly pray that parachute releases on time. The time has arrived when nothing else matters in the world. You jump out of the plane like an open bird. Time stops ticking.

Ecstasy. Congratulations on accomplishing your skydive!

To indulge in this adventurous sport you have to know how to take risk, but what the experience gives you is beyond imagination. The feeling of seeing the world’s beauty from a bird’s eye and floating above the clouds, you have to do this to believe it.

Here are few of the best skydiving vacation packages at once in a life to enjoy skydiving.

  • The Swiss Alps in Interlaken, Switzerland: test your limits at the most surprising skydive spot in the world, Interlaken. From the snow-capped Swiss Alps of lake Brienz to the turquoise waters of lake Thun. Fly over the Jungfrau peaks and Eager Monch at a mind-bending speed before the parachute is finally arrayed. It is one of a kind experience to fuel your adventurous side. It’s not every time that you get to stare at the endless expanse of snow and the stunning scenery.
  • Eco-friendly skydives in Nepal: A skydiving experience in Nepal is definitely not for the fearful. You can choose from a series of altitudes between 8,000 to 22,000 feet. The variety of views that a jump here, gives a diver something to lookout for. You will come across Nepal’s many mountains, rainforest, Himalayas and more. Capture never-ending aerial views of the whole place at once as you surpass the skies and then jump. Wondering what is in this eco-friendly dive? Skydive operators in Nepal use energy effective planes to help reduce your skydiving carbon footmark by up to 40%.
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