Sep 28, 2018

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Six Questions to Ask before Renting Self storage Facilities

Six Questions to Ask before Renting Self storage Facilities

Whenever you are looking for Self Storage Service, there are some things that go through your mind. Security is usually the main concern among these. How secure are your belongings? The good thing about this type of storage is the convenience it offers. You can have access to your locker room any time you feel like. Old furniture, magazines, books, bicycles, motor cycles and their ilk are some of the items people cling on to.

Self storage is established with such an understanding. The facilities are designed to hold any amount of belongings customers may have. Good deals are offered for first time clients and those who renew their contracts. What’s more, your stuff may be transported for free. Rental payments can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Think about what you could do with freed up space in your compound or office.

Here are six questions you need to ask before renting self storage space.

Are there different variations of size? Different people do have diverse needs for space. You need to find out what is available and the cost pegged to each. To do this you must first take stock of the items you have accumulated. Talk to firms like Self Storage and request for quotations. Examine the possibility of going to other providers too. Make inquiries from other 2 or 3 firms. Compare the options.

Does the facility have units that are temperature controlled? This is a good question. It is important to think in terms of temperature control especially for items affected by climatic changes. Poorly ventilated self storage units may lead to your items getting damp or developing mold and mildew.

What is the facility’s security status? Modern facilities may be fitted with surveillance cameras at strategic points. Customers are provided with cards which they will be required to present at the gate. Upon gaining entry, the same card is swiped and the door to the locker room opens. Check whether the facility is guarded day and night.

When can you gain access to the self storage facility? We are talking about convenience here. Some facilities allow you in during working hours only. Others have unrestricted access.

Is the property insured? Confirm that your belongings are insured. Ensure that clients are also covered for any injuries that might occur while they are in the premises. If not ask your insurance provider whether they can chip in.

Has any burglary or attempted break in ever been reported? Criminals may target self storage facilities in the hope of finding valuables. Find out if such incidences have occurred in the recent past and what was done to deal with it.

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