Jan 6, 2014

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Situations In Which You Might Need An Injury Attorney

It would be nearly impossible to name the number of personal injuries a person can sustain. Every year millions of people sustain some type of injury. Some injuries are life threatening and some are only minor. Accidentally injuring yourself is one thing, but having someone else who’s negligent for your injuries is an entirely different story. When you sustain injuries due to no fault of your own, it might be a good idea to turn to an Injury Attorney.

Injuries can occur due to a number of reasons. Negligence tends to be one of the most popular reasons for injuries. A party is viewed as negligent if they failed to act reasonably before an incident. A good example of this would be a car accident. Let’s say you’re walking across the street after being granted permission by the walk sign. All of a sudden you’re hit by a driver who was texting and accidentally ran the red light. Even if it was unintentional the driver of the vehicle is held liable, and you have the right to take legal actions against them.

Many people will seek an Injury Attorney because of injuries that were done intentionally. These are injuries that involve battery or some type of assault. Let’s revisit the previous scenario about the car wreck. If the person who ran the light was an ex-girlfriend who intentionally hit you because she was angry about something you did, you would still be able to take legal actions against her. Not only that, but she might face further punishment for committing such a criminal act.

Some injuries aren’t caused by an individual who was careless or angry. Every year countless people are injured by products that were produced by various companies. These products may have been defective or harmful in some way. For instance, you might put a brand new cell phone in your pocket while you walk around. Unbeknownst to you, the phone is defective and overheats, causing you to receive severe burns. In this case, you would have a right to take legal actions against anyone involved in providing this product to the public (i.e. distributors, manufacturers, etc.). Consult with Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law to see if you have a case.

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