Apr 15, 2013

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Sinus Lift Surgery Makes Dental Implants Possible for Some Dental Patients

Not all dental implants are necessarily the same. For some patients, it is necessary to prepare the jaw for the insertion of a new implant through sinus lift surgery. India dentists can successfully make the site in the upper jaw ready for an implant through this procedure for those whom it is deemed to be a necessity.

The reason a sinus lift surgery, India dentists indicate, can vary from person to person. Usually, the need arises due to the structure of the jaw, such as the jaw being too small. Or, in other situations, the sinus itself may be large and not leave enough room for the implant. In other cases, when teeth are missing for long periods of time, bone shrinkage results. If this occurs to the extent where there is not enough bone tissue to implement a successful implant, undergoing a bone graft to restore the jaw may resolve the matter. Whatever the situation is, the gist is that room needs to be made for the insertion of the implant.

The basic procedure includes fully anesthetizing the area of the mouth and jaw for sinus lift surgery. In most cases today insertion of dental implants is carried out at the same stage as the grafting.

Sinus lift surgery allows a dentist in India to provide implants to patients who do not have enough natural space to support an implant otherwise. The sinus lift provides more structure in order to provide a dental base that will stabilize and support implants. Usually, patients who present to a dental professional for implants do not need a sinus lift procedure, and the implementation of implants is delivered more quickly and cheaply. For those who require the extra step, it can take at least six months before the site is ready for the insertion of the teeth on the implants which adds a significant time factor, as well as cost, to treatment.

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