Sep 24, 2020

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Simple Tips to Look Great with Hair Extensions

When wearing hair extensions you have to be sure they look right. You don’t want to be walking around town with tangled extensions, right? Everyone who wears extensions wears them to improve their look, not downgrade. If you follow these “how-to” rules on taking care of and wearing your hair slip hair extensions, then you hopefully will never find yourself in a nightmare extension day.

Tip 1: Take Care of Them
This might seem like a very simple tip but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who seem to either forget or are too lazy to take care of their extensions. It really is worthwhile to every now and then, give your extensions a clean, and don’t be worried about ruining them. They’ll will not last as long as they should if not properly maintained. A gentle shampoo and condition (sulfate free) under luke warm water should do the trick, followed by a good brush to make sure all the knots are out. Also don’t blow dry, let them dry naturally; and style them dry or almost dry. This will keep the moisture in giving them a shiny, lustrous look and feel.

Tip 2: Wear them Right – Customize yours to fit YOUR head!
Some people believe that because halo type hair extensions are fitted in a round shape like the shape of your head, they know exactly how to wear them, never consulting friends or specialists. It’s this type of person who will walk around not getting the most out of her extensions. They either hide them too much or start parading around with ill fitted hair extensions. When applying your hair slip (halo) extensions make sure of a few things: Put the extension on the crown of your head, leaving roughly 1-3 inches between your forehead and the Hair Slip wire so the actual hair extension weft sit just above the top of your neck. (just on or below the occipital bone) The “Hair Slip” comes with an adjustable wire secured to a micro bead, this feature allows you to slide the wire to measure the extension to fit your head exactly. After you have fit the Hair Slip snug, you will then secure several knots in the wire and cut off the remaining wire.

Having placed the extension on your head correctly take a thin comb handle or even your fingers and use this to move scoop out your natural hair to sit on top of the halo hair slip. If you have a lot of natural hair, another method to applying your Hair Slip is to grab the whole crown area of your hair and secure it on the top of your head with a clip. Then after you Hair Slip is fit correctly on top of your head, you can then take your hair out of the clip so it lays over the hair slip.

Remember the hair slip extensions are not dramatically expensive, and you can cut, shape and customize them to work for any hair style! Wearing high quality hair extensions should make you feel more confident, more secure in your hair. But make sure to wear and treat them right. If you take the time to learn these simple rules of applying them and maintaining them correctly, you’ll be able to get the most from your extensions an a longer life while maintaining healthy, shiny extensions.

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