Apr 16, 2014

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Simple DIY Plumbing Repair Jacksonville FL Tips

You don’t always have to spend money on a plumbing repair Jacksonville FL service especially for simple problems. These are perfectly easy to do yourself if you have a little basic knowledge about plumbing. One such problem is clogged sink drains. This usually occurs as a result of food particles, hair and soap residue (among other things) clogging up the drain. To remedy this problem, turn on the tap and get a couple of inches of water in. Next, use a plunger to try unblocking the sink. If this doesn’t work, open the plug, and try to remove any obstruction. The clean out plug is usually under your sink, at lowest bend.
Another plumbing problem that you can easily fix yourself is a leaky pipe. This is usually as a result of shrinking, slight swelling, settling and shifting pipes. A fiberglass repair tape will usually get the job done. Begin on one side of the fitting (outside) and make your way to the other end of the fitting while rapping about an inch between both sides. Make your way until you reach the actual pipe. Plumbers putty can also work well to solve this problem especially if you are dealing with a loose fitting. It is much easier on tight spaces, and will usually help to rebuff or seal the leaky areas.
Winter sewer odors are another common problem with plumbing that requires a little DIY. Try cleaning the roof, getting rid of any snow. The snow usually blocks the vents, resulting in unpleasant smells in the home. Additional reasons for this smell include shower steam rising and subsequently freezing in the vent pipe. To avoid this problem all together, you might want to prepare your plumbing for winter well in advance, as well as make sure that any plumbing issues are resolved before winter sets in.
All these are of course temporary fixes. Most of these problems, including the more serious ones require a professional plumbing repair in Jacksonville FL service. If you need to find a plumbing company Jacksonville FL for all your plumbing needs, try American Plumbing Contractors INC. They have over 20 years experience in the business, and are fully capable of taking care of your plumbing needs among other related services. Contact American Plumbing Contractors INC Today!

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