Jan 15, 2014

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Silver Plated Jewelry Works Well for All Seasons

If you’re a girl who likes to wear jewelry by the season, than you need to consider silver as one of your go to pieces. Silver jewelry works well for all seasons and goes with a variety of outfits and other accessories. In years past, women believed that you wore gold or you wore silver. You couldn’t mix the two because it was a fashion faux pas. This resulted in great pieces of silver jewelry being stuck in a jewelry box collecting dust until it was time to pull it out again. Thankfully, women have come to realize that you wear what makes you feel and look good. Whether you want to mix a delicate silver plated bracelet with gold rings or get creative with silver and gold together, you can’t go wrong in any season with silver pieces of jewelry.

Spring and Summer

The warmer months are perfect for silver jewelry. Spring is the season for dresses and skirts, and nothing looks better than matching your outfit to stylish jewelry. Imagine a baby blue spring dress accessorized with a delicate silver plated bracelet adorned with charms or a handful of bangles to add some funk to something conservative.

Silver jewelry is the perfect complement for bathing suit season. With flip flops and tank tops the norm in the summer, you can accessorize a traditional summer outfit with an ankle bracelet, a silver toe ring, or a long thin chain. You can take a simple black tank with jean shorts and turn it into something trendy by adding a couple of long silver chains. Throw in a colorful twisted maxi chain and you’re ready for the mall.

Fall and Winter

Since it’s no longer a faux pas to mix silver and gold, you can accessorize your fall outfits with silver and gold chains or bracelets. A delicate fashionable silver plated bracelet made from links combined with a link gold bracelet would work great with fall sweaters and skirts. Don’t forget all of the holiday parties that take place in the winter. With the right silver jewelry, you can make a different fashion statement every time you wear a little black dress to a holiday party. Twist pearl strands together and add a couple of silver chains for a dramatic effect, or keep it simple with small silver earrings and a brooch. No matter how you choose to accessorize, silver works well with everything.

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