Signs Your Bloomfield Dog Needs Emergency Care Instead Of A Vet Appointment

Many pet owners may not know when their dog or cat needs emergency care instead of a regular vet appointment. Primarily, it is difficult to determine the severity of a pet’s illness because your pet cannot tell you what happened. For example, your dog cannot tell you that he cleverly stole poisonous item, consumed them, and needs his stomach pumped. Dogs can get sick just like people do. Similarly, sometimes dogs need after hours medical attention. There are a few ways to tell if your pet needs after hours attention at an animal hospital in Bloomfield CT.

One of the biggest signs to look for is that your pet is not acting as they usually act. Sometimes even puppies get tired. However, you have a right to be concerned if your puppy is so tired he will not lift his head or respond to things that typically make him excited, such as a treat or a knock at the door. When your pet has extreme lethargy in addition to other symptoms such as not eating or drinking, emergency medical attention should be sought. Other times things are not as clear for pet owners. If your pet is vomiting uncontrollably, it is always OK to call an animal hospital in Bloomfield CT and ask if you think he or she needs to be brought in for emergency attention or not. Uncontrollable vomiting in dogs can be indicative of a number of things that include food poisoning, a stomach virus, blockage in the intestines, a parasite, or a number of serious conditions such as bloat.

The only way to know for sure if your pet has a serious condition or a stomach virus is to take him to an animal hospital in Bloomfield CT. Even if your pet is generally OK and will recover from food poisoning or a virus, a vet can give you tips to help speed up your pet’s recovery. These might include giving your pet special food for a few days or medication to stop uncontrollable vomiting. If something more serious is wrong with your pet, you need to see a vet that works in an animal hospital in Bloomfield CT to get necessary x-rays and tests. In the event your pet has a blockage in his intestine, an x-ray will be needed to confirm the diagnosis and later preform necessary surgery. When emergency medical attention is necessary can often be determined by using common sense. For instance, it would be unwise to wait and make an appointment if your pet was seriously injured by a car. When you are unsure, give the vet a call. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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