Feb 13, 2013

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Signs You Should Call A Roofer

Your roof keeps your home protected from the elements. Having a roof that is in disrepair can cause major problems and damage to your home. A roofer in San Antonio can help you maintain your roof and keep it in good repair. You may want to inspect your roof every now and then to look for signs of damage and wear.

A roof that has shingles that are completely missing needs to be repaired. The shingles on your roof protect your roof from rain, snow, ice, and other types of moisture that can seep into your home. The extent of the roof repair will depend on how many shingles are missing. You may only have a few that are missing. This problem is easily remedied by simply replacing the missing shingles. However, if there are large areas of your roof that are exposed due to missing shingles, you may want to consider having your roof completely replaced.

Rotting roof materials are another sign you need to call a roofer in San Antonio. When your roof begins to rot, it can weaken the integrity of the roof. In addition, rotting roofing materials is a sign that water has seeped into your roof. If this has happened, there is a higher potential for your home to sustain water damage. Roofs that are made from wood tend to rot more than roofs made from other types of materials. If you have a wooden shingles on your roof, be sure that you check it several times a year for signs of rotting and replace damaged areas as soon as possible.

Leaks in your attic point to roof damage. You may want to inspect your attic every so often for signs of leakage. If you notice that water has collected in places, you may want to call a roofer in San Antonio. Mold and dark spots are other indicators that your roof has a leak. It is important to get professional help as soon as possible, because roof leaks that are not repaired can lead to significant damage. When water is allowed to seep into your roof and sit there, the structure of your roof starts to deteriorate, compromising the strength of the roof. If a leak goes too long, you may have to have your entire roof replaced. So, it is important to catch leaks as soon as possible and have them repaired by a professional roofer in San Antonio.

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