Oct 31, 2013

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Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Removal in Bethesda

If a tree seems half dead and could possibly fall onto a barn, grazing animals, the neighbor’s property, your home or on power lines, contact an arborist immediately to prevent a catastrophe. If the tree is less than half dead, it may be saved with pruning.

Sings of Termite Activity

Trees can stand upright years after they have died. They make excellent termite magnets. Subterranean termites can make underground tunnels from one food source to another that can extend many yards. It’s easy for a termite colony to move from one source of food, such as your dead tree, into another food source -; your house. Sings of termite activity include more holes appearing in your tree and the presence of winged termites. These winged termites are queens and drones ready for mating and to start new colonies.

Leaning to One Side

Trees die in stages. One side could die completely while the other half still survives. Trees that are 50 percent dead can still seem to be alive. Dead wood is much lighter than live or green wood. Gradually the tree will lean over because of this great weight imbalance. Do not ignore a tree in this case. It will eventually topple over.

Large Limb Falling Off

Very tall trees can produce huge limbs that weight hundreds of pounds. A tree that is half dead or even slightly more than half dead may still produce leaves. However, they should never suddenly shed a major limb. If a huge limb has suddenly come down and the end seems to be of mostly dead wood, contact an arborist immediately. Once strong gust of wind may cause another limb to come down or perhaps bring down the whole tree.

Proximity to Power Lines, Neighbors and Livestock

If you wake up one day and your tree has fallen, it’s obvious that you need to hire a tree removal service. However, it’s not always that obvious when you need a tree removed quickly. Here is how to tell if you need emergency tree removal in Bethesda.

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