Signs that You May Need a Full Transmission Rebuild in Chicago

Your car’s transmission requires a lot of maintenance, but there may come a time when you will need a full transmission rebuild if things get bad enough. While you should speak to a mechanic before you decide when this time has come, it still pays to know the signs that you will need a full transmission rebuild in Chicago.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Depending on how long you’ve had a transmission leak and how much fluid is left, your mechanic might be able to patch the leak. Unfortunately, the fact that there is a leak at all is a sign that you have a serious problem and may need a transmission rebuild before too long. This is especially the case if you smell anything burning from your vehicle. This is a clear sign that your transmission lacks lubrication and needs immediate service.

No Shifting

Another sign that you may need a full transmission rebuild is if your car won’t shift into other gears. This is often caused by missing or worn-out gear teeth, something that can be solved with a rebuild.

Strange Sounds

All cars make strange sounds every once in a while, but constant whining and grinding from your car at all times can indicate a problem. This doesn’t always mean that you’re in need of a transmission rebuild, but you should still have a mechanic listen to these sounds so they can make a proper diagnosis.

While you should leave the diagnosis of a transmission problem to a professional, these can still be signs that you may need a transmission rebuild in Chicago. Go to to make an appointment for your transmission today.

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