Oct 30, 2015

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Signs That the Time Has Come for a Heater Repair

Signs That the Time Has Come for a Heater Repair

The last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with is a malfunctioning heater in the middle of winter. By being aware of the signs indicating that something is wrong, it is often possible to arrange for a Heater Repair before things get critical. Here are a few examples of indicating the time to seek help from a professional has arrived.

Cold Spots in the House

One of the first signs that all is not well with the heating system is the development of cold spots in different areas of the house. Since they were not there in times past, it stands to reason that something is preventing the heater from working as efficiently as it did before. A quick call to a professional will make it possible to inspect everything from the main unit to the duct work and identify the origin of the problem. In the best case scenario, the issue can be remedied without a lot of time or expense.

Clanks and Thuds

The system used to operate without making any noise at all. That is no longer the case. The heater makes a loud thud whenever the system cycles on and off. There are also some noticeable clanking noises when the unit is running. Since all the noise indicates that one or more components are wearing out, the best thing to do is call a professional today. Doing so will help minimize additional wear on the heater and also ensure that it does not stop working on the coldest night of the winter season.

Higher Utility Bills

The heater seems to work fine, but the homeowner has noticed that the utility bills have increased over last year. Assuming there was no rate increase and no other activity in the home can account for the higher amount of usage, that leaves the heating system. A professional can check the unit and see if it is consuming more energy than in times past. If the situation cannot be reversed with a Heater Repair, the professional can help the owner evaluate possible replacement units.

For a type of home heating issue, contact the team at Preferred Home Services today. They can assess the situation and provide solutions that ensure the home is once again comfortable no matter what the weather outside is doing.


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