Dec 17, 2014

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Signs That It is Time for New Overhead Garage Doors in Bonita Springs

While garage doors are designed to provide excellent service for many years, the day will come when the older doors must be retired. In order to determine the need for replacements is on the way, it pays to know the signs indicating the current doors are about to fail. Here are some common signs homeowners will need to recognize so they can make the right preparations.

The Doors Are Harder to Raise and Lower

When Overhead Garage Doors in Bonita Springs become hard to open and close, the first thing to consider is that the garage door opener may be in poor condition. When an inspection of the motor proves that it is still in great shape, the issue may have to do with the door itself. If one or more panels have warped or otherwise no longer fit in the tracks properly, the owner will have to decide if repairs will fix the problem or if investing in a new door is actually the more cost effective approach.

The Doors are Beginning to Fall Apart

It seems as if every week brings the need for one more repair to those overhead doors. One week it is the need to reinforce a panel. The following week means replacing one or more of the rollers mounted in the tracks or rails. If the current door is having to be replaced one part at a time, then it is a good idea to stop tossing good money after bad and start looking for a new door. In the long run, the costs will be much lower.

Before any decisions are made, it pays to get some advice from a professional. Contact the team at website and arrange for an expert to come out and take a look at the current garage door. If the professional finds that continuing with repairs would not add any significant amount of life to that door, then the focus can shift to considering designs for replacement doors. Once that new door is selected, the team can ensure that the old one is removed and the new one is properly installed.

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