Sep 29, 2016

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Signs That a Vehicle Needs Auto Cooling Repair

Summer is here, and drivers everywhere turn on the AC as soon as they get into their vehicles. Ice cold air conditioning is one of a car’s biggest features, but most people don’t think about it until it is gone. With that fact in mind, drivers should look for the following signs of failure in an automotive AC unit.

No Cold Air at All

The first sign of trouble is one of the most apparent: a lack of cold air. If the driver starts the car and turns on the AC only to get a lot of hot air, there’s definitely a problem with the AC system. This can occur for several reasons. The system may be low on refrigerant, or it may have cooling fan damage. Alternatively, it can be a simple issue, such as a clogged vent. Regardless of the cause, a trip to an auto cooling repair shop can help the driver and the tech find the source of the issue.

Strange Noises

The next most visible sign is strange noises emanating from the AC system. Rattling, banging and other sounds can signal a variety of conditions such as clogged vents or a part on the verge of failure. Once the system starts making weird noises, it’s time to bring it to a pro with visit the website for diagnosis and repair.

Foul Smells

Another sign of trouble is a foul smell coming from the unit. Turning the AC on should not be unpleasant, but in some cases, foul odors can occur. They can indicate mold growth in the unit, and bad smells should be immediately remedied to prevent respiratory troubles and other health related issues.

Water Staining

After running the unit for a period, the driver may see water coming from the bottom of the vehicle. This is normal, but water on the inside of the car can indicate a serious problem. In some instances, the drain on the vehicle bottom can become clogged or damaged, allowing water to flow into the car. In this case, the vehicle should be brought in for auto cooling repair as soon as possible. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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