Jul 30, 2015

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Signs of Electric Problems in Wichita

Signs of Electric Problems in Wichita

The force powering the electrical devices in your home is invisible. While you can’t see the invisible force, it is utilized when the lights are turned on or things are plugged in. If problems occur, this force is no longer flowing properly. There are indications that this happened. Interruptions in the flow will cause problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Flickering lights are an indication of electric problems in Wichita. Flickering power indicates that there is a fault in the wiring somewhere. The most common cause of this is a pest invasion. Some pests such as squirrels will chew through the protective coating on the wiring. Because the flickering indicates that the power is only making connection part of the time, the wire will need to be replaced. Other causes of a fault can be from rubbing wires and misplaced nails.

Tripping breakers is another sign of electric problems in Wichita. If the breaker trips every time a certain amount of items are plugged in, the demand on this breaker is too high. The demand needs to be split up into separate breakers. Continually tripping breakers are a fire hazard since the breaker can be damaged if it constantly turns off. An evaluation will need to be done to consider how the load should be split.

Sparking can occur when plugging items in. However, very large sparks are not normal and are a sign of electric problems in Wichita. This type of sparking is a very big risk factor for a potential electrical fire. The fix for this issue can be as simple as changing out the outlet. However, the load on the breaker and the wiring should be checked out to ensure that there isn’t another cause. Because much of the wiring is hidden, the damage is not readily visible.

There are many signs of electric problems in Wichita. While the force that provides electricity is invisible, these signs are not. Since any of these issues will put our home at risk for a fire, contact an electrician as soon as possible if any are seen. Getting these items fixed is a top priority.

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