Jul 26, 2018

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Signs it’s Time to Invest in Floor Refinishing in NYC

Installing hardwood flooring in a home is a smart investment that can increase the value of the property. While this type of flooring is simple to take care of, from time to time, Floor Refinishing in NYC will be necessary. It’s important homeowners learn the signs that refinishing is needed. Some of the most common indications can be found here.

The Floor has a Dull Appearance

When a new hardwood floor has been installed, the wax used on the surface provides an attractive sheen. As the wax begins to wear away, the surface is going to begin looking dull. A homeowner can also scrape the plank with their fingernail and if any wax comes up, then it’s time to refinish. This is more than just an aesthetic issue. The wax is an invaluable protective layer for the floor.

Dents and Scratches

Furniture, pet’s nails and other types of wear can also damage the finish on a hardwood floor. Look at the surface of the floor at an angle in the light. If a homeowner notices dents or scratches, then it’s a good idea to invest in Floor Refinishing in NYC.


If the finish used on the floor’s surface has worn through, then the wood is going to become penetrable by water and other sources of moisture. The water can oxidize the wood, resulting in it turning gray. It’s a good idea to have the floor refinished at the first sign of the gray color. If this issue isn’t addressed, it is only going to get darker and more damage is going to occur until the issue cannot be resolved.


Moisture may also warp the wood. There may be a separation in between the planks and the boards’ edges may buckle, turning down or up. These are all indications it’s time to refinish the surface.

When it comes to a home’s wood flooring, the good news is there are some clear indications that it needs to be refinished. However, additional information about refinishing a wood floor can be found by contacting the staff at New York Wood Flooring. Being informed and knowing when it is time to make this investment is paramount to keep the floor looking great. Follow us on Twitter.

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