Jul 20, 2018

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Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioning Service Bristol CT

Preventive Air Conditioning Service Bristol CT helps homeowners keep repair costs down, and keeps the AC running smoothly for lower electric bills. Taking certain measures, such as air conditioning cleaning to prevent problems. However, when certain things come up, it’s time to call a professional. Here are some of those situations.

Home Will Not Cool Off

If the home is taking a long time to cool off or if the AC isn’t coming on at all, it is time to call for repair of the air conditioning system. There are many components in a home system and various possible forms of malfunction. An example would be a leak of Freon. A professional can get to the root of the issue and determine whether the unit can be repaired or if it is time to replace the unit.

Hearing or Smelling Something Unusual

There are single units and multizone units outside of homes. Then, there are units for individual rooms. Anytime that there is a strange smell coming from either of these units, it’s always a good idea to call for a technician to come to take a look at the unit. Also, if there is an unusual odor right after turning the system on, turn it off, open the windows and call for Air Conditioning Service Bristol CT.

More Than 3 Years

If it has been more than 3 years since having preventive maintenance performed on the AC system, it’s time to call for an appointment. The truth is, homeowners benefit from yearly coil cleanings and general inspections. At a minimum, be sure to replace the filter in the system as recommended by the manufacturer of the specific unit. Also, keep the system clear of debris, dirt, and dust. These simple steps will go a long way.

Beat the heat this summer with an air conditioning system that is in good, working condition. This will also make a difference in the way the system runs. The harder a system must run, the less efficient it will be. This can impact the lifespan of the equipment and cause added needs for repairs. To schedule a tune-up and maintenance visit website. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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