Sep 7, 2017

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Signs It May Be Time For New Gutters

Gutters are an important part of a home, as they help to keep water from getting too close to the foundation, windows, doors, and walls of a building where it might find a way inside and damage the home. Understanding the signs that new Gutters in Colorado Springs may be needed is important.

Damage to Gutters

One of the more obvious signs a home may be due for new gutters is damage to the gutters themselves, such as splits or cracks. Even small cracks need to be repaired otherwise the cracks can get bigger and water will be able to get out of the gutter and damage the boards behind the gutters or the foundation of the home. This is especially likely to happen during the freeze-thaw cycle.

Seam Separation

Over time, the seams of the gutters can start to separate and lead to water leaking from the gutters. These can sometimes be repaired, but if there’s a lot of separation happening, it may be simpler to replace them with seamless gutters.

Gutters That Are Sagging

Gutters shouldn’t pull away from the side of the house or sag. This is a sign of a problem with them and could mean they’re full of water because the gutter isn’t draining the way it should. Sometimes cleaning out the gutters will get them working properly when this problem is caught early, but in other cases, a new gutter system may be necessary.

Damage to the Siding

If the paint is peeling away on the siding, there’s mold or mildew on it or water damage underneath the gutters; then the gutters may be leaking or overflowing. If not corrected, this could cause serious damage to the siding and the foundation of the home. Check for clogs, but if there aren’t any, then it may be time to call in a professional to evaluate the system and see whether repairs or replacement of the Gutters in Colorado Springs are necessary.

Minimizing Damage

The best way to keep gutters in good condition is to perform regular maintenance, including cleaning the gutters. Using a gutter guard can minimize the need for cleaning, but won’t eliminate it entirely.
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