Signs a Person May Need Maxillofacial Surgery in Indianapolis, IN

Issues with a person’s jaw, gums, and teeth may not seem too serious initially, but diagnostic and imaging testing will help a dentist determine if maxillofacial surgery in Indianapolis IN is needed. It is a good idea to find the right dentist with the proper experience and qualifications to handle oral surgery. It’s also necessary to learn the signs that surgery is needed, and some of the signs this time has come are listed here.

Lost Tooth

If a person has lost a tooth or has one that has been damaged due to an accident, it may be necessary to seek maxillofacial surgery in Indianapolis IN. However, a more common issue is a decayed tooth that causes pain and that needs to be extracted. A dentist can remove the tooth and provide options for replacing it.

Loss of Bone Density

If a person wants dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, but the treatment is delayed, it may be due to their jawbone density. Before implants can be placed, a dental bone graft surgery is needed. During this procedure, the dentist will take healthy bone from another site in the body or from a donor to build up the bone in the jaw.

The bone that is grafted in place will fuse with the jawbone naturally. At this point, dental implants can be put in place.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The final molars that emerge in a person’s mouth are called wisdom teeth. They may cause discomfort and pain for some people. Some wisdom teeth may only partially emerge through the gums, too.

In each of these situations, it may be necessary to have them removed to prevent other issues. A dentist can evaluate the situation and determine if surgery to remove the teeth is necessary.

If a person is suffering from any dental issues, they should see a dentist right away. The dentist can determine the severity of the problem and if surgery is necessary to fix it. For more information, a person can check out Website Domain and learn more about the surgical options available to restore oral health.

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