Dec 19, 2017

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Should You Do Your Own Steering Column Repair?

Should You Do Your Own Steering Column Repair?

Today’s cars are highly secure and are designed to prevent many kinds of theft. However, once a thief decides to steal your car, it’s not hard to defeat the most secure systems because of major weak points like steering columns and window glass. Many auto parts today are plastic, and it doesn’t take a thief very long to break them and get to the ignition system. After that, starting and driving a car without a key is not much of an issue. If your car is stolen you’ll need to do a steering column rebuild, but should you do it yourself or leave it to professionals. Let’s look closer at this problem and see.

A Typical Repair Job

When you decide to do your own repairs, here is how a typical job may go:

  • You may need to remove a lot of screws to take off the outer part of the steering wheel so you can remove the airbag assembly. This can take a long time, and you must be careful with the airbag because it is a sensitive piece of equipment. Most steering wheels will not come off even after you remove the nut that holds them on. You’ll need a special tool called a “gear puller” because the wheel is pressed tightly onto a special connection.
  • Remove lock plate
  • Take out all the turn signal parts
  • Remove pivot pins – requires a special tool
  • Put everything back together

Professional Steering Column Rebuild Services

As you can see, a typical steering column job can get complicated. When you choose a repair shop that specializes in theft recovery services, they take care of your problems quickly and easily. Your auto repair specialists make sure your car works with its original key, and everything will eventually get back to normal.

When you need professional steering column rebuild services in Denver, come to BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision. We work with your insurance company to put your car back to its original condition. Visit us online now at for more details.

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