Feb 26, 2014

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Should You Choose a Queen Or King Mattress?

13121258_mlFor some people, everything is always about size. They believe what is the biggest, is the best. When it comes to a mattress, this is a King. Yet, this is not always the case.  The King mattress in Jackson MS, is the perfect size for some bed, yet others prefer a Queen mattress. Is one actually better than the other is when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep?

What is a King Mattress?
Whether the manufacturer labels a mattress a king, queen or double, it indicates a specific size. A King mattress conforms to specific dimensions of width and length. The standard for a King mattress must be 76 by 80 inches long. The only variations are specialty King mattresses, including
*Grand King: 80 inches long by  98 inches
*San Francisco King: 84 inches by 84 inches
*Super King: 72 inches width and 78 inches long and commonly found in Europe

What is a Queen Size Mattress?
Like the King, a Queen mattress is defined by its size. Traditionally, the standard is 80 inches by 60 inches wide.  As is also the case with a King mattress in Jackson MS and across North America, variations do occur in a Queen. Among these are:
*Olympic/Expanded Queen: 66 in wide by 80 in long
*California Queen: 84 inches long by 60 inches wide

What is the Difference?
The major difference between a Queen and a King mattress is width. While the Queen may be as long as a King mattress is, it is not as wide. The difference is not miniscule. A King is wider by some 18 inches. This can effect who should pick a King over a Queen.

Picking a King Mattress Over a Queen
If you are tall, picking a mattress comes down to two types: King or Queen. Both are satisfactory in this sense. However, if two people wish to share a bed comfortably, it may be better to opt for a King mattress. A King is wider than a Queen, therefore providing more room. This is particularly true if:

*If the two people are also large
*If either one or even both of the individuals spread or stretch out across the bed
*If the bed is commonly shared by more than one or particularly two
*If you are tall and sleep with your partner and your dog or dogs share the bed

While it is easier to make a Queen mattress fit into a smaller spare or even master bedroom, the King mattress provides greater scope for a comfortable night’s sleep by preventing or at least reducing crowding. In the end, the answer to the question of what mattress suits someone best is personal. It may be a King mattress in Jackson MS, but a Queen in Atlanta GA. In need of a King Mattress In Jackson MS? Search no further than Mattress Direct. We have exactly what you need. Go online at http://www.mdserta.com/ for further information about us and our products.

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