Shopping for a Hat? Three Classic Styles to Elevate Your Wardrobe

A hat is an accessory that can take your look from sloppy to sophisticated, but hat shopping is intimidating. From the Magill trilby hat to a velvet cowboy hat, there are many styles, brands and materials to sort through. If you’re searching for the right hat to add to your wardrobe, consider one of these timeless options.

Newsboy Cap

Do you need a billed hat to keep the sun off your face? A newsboy cap is a more grownup alternative to a baseball cap. This style of hat goes with both casual and upscale outfits. The newsboy cap is interchangeable with the very similar flat cap, which has a less rounded shape and lacks the signature top button.

Trilby Hat

If there’s one style of hat that belongs in every wardrobe, it’s the trilby hat. This classic style is a more fashionable version of the fedora and can be worn with nearly any outfit. Lightweight and comfortable, this style is perfect for summer and will never go out of fashion. A high-quality version like the Magill trilby hat can last decades if cared for properly.

Knit Beanie

One of the most practical hats you can own, a good knit beanie is essential for cold-weather months. Choose a beanie in a neutral color that can blend in with any casual outfit. If you have long or textured hair, consider choosing a silk-lined beanie to protect your hairstyle and prevent static.

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