May 7, 2014

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Shoo Away Pesky Critters with the Help of Bates Exterminating

Many homeowners are tired of yellowed blades of grass, brown grass shoots, brown streaks in their lawns, and decimated flower plants and shrubs. All of these unappealing eye sores have one perpetrator in common: pests. The word alone is enough to strike horror into the most staid of homeowners. Although these pesky critters do not cause damage to the house structurally, the visual aesthetics of the outdoors are just as important. Be rid of billbugs, grasshoppers, and mites this year with the help of the right company.

Homeowners should consider enlisting the services of a professional exterminator to rid their lawn of awful bugs. Some tips for doing so include gathering a list, researching each contractor, and setting up an in-person meeting. Finding local exterminators in the area is never the difficult part: finding reputable and friendly businesses is. Directly after writing a list of companies, put their names through the Better Business Bureau’s database to ensure they are licensed, qualified, and members of pest management associations.

One such accredited service provider is Bates Exterminating. This company has been a part of the Better Business Bureau’s database since September 2010 and has the high rating for this system, an A plus. Currently, there are two listed complaints regarding the service or product that are registered on this site. However, it was determined by the Better Business Bureau that the company acted in good faith to resolve the issues and the customer was simply not satisfied.

Bates Exterminating provides a variety of services like general pest control, termite control, bed bugs, animal controls, and lawn spraying. Lawn Spraying Ft. Lauderdale services include fertilizing and protecting the lawn against pests. This company uses the best of sprays that are safe and effective for lawn care. Their products fend off spider, moles, gophers, and ants, to name just a few insects and critters Bates battles with. Interested prospective customers can call today for a more detailed explanation of how Bates’ services can benefit their lawn this summer and year round. Trust in this company that was founded in 1978, and homeowners will be grateful.

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