Oct 15, 2014

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Several Styles of Access Systems in NYC Available to Choose From

When a business owner thinks about how their employees will gain access to the building it is recommended that they consider the option of having an access system installed. These systems have multiple uses in that they provide a safe way to let employees enter a building, while at the same time providing a certain level of security. In some cases, businesses also utilize these systems for their customers as well. In order to determine what access system design will best fit the business, it is highly recommended individuals have a professional contractor evaluate their situation prior to purchasing a product. With several styles available to choose from, business owners are able to get all of the access system requirements met through one unit.

Access systems in NYC are a popular trend amongst both large and small businesses due to the benefits that can be gained through these systems. When working with a reputable contractor, business owners have several types of systems to choose from. The two most commonly chosen access system types include:

  Standalone Access Control

  This system needs a key card, code, or magstripe token to gain access. Typically applications that utilize standalone systems include sports clubs, small businesses, storage units, and any other small to medium sized site that has restricted access.
  PC Based Access Control
  This system offers the flexibility gained through central control. Similar to the standalone units, individuals will need to gain access through PIN codes, magstripe tokens, or key cards. One entry point, or several, can be controlled through this one system. Another benefit gained through this option is reports can be generated to show who is going in and out of the doors, and at what time. This can help an owner keep track of who is in the building at all times. Typical applications for this type of system include large corporate premises, multiple-site premises, government buildings, universities, parking lots, and larger sized sports clubs.

When a business owner is ready to take advantage of the benefits gained through Access systems in NYC they are encouraged to get in contact with a reliable company. Companies such as American Lock Smiths are known for providing superior customer service, professional products, and affordable prices. By installing access systems, a business is taking the necessary step required to ensure only authorized personnel can enter their place of business.



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