Jan 27, 2014

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Services to Expect from a Commercial Locksmith in Grapevine

Commercial locksmith services include services that are similar in nature to standard residential and automobile services, but also encompass services that deal in secure areas of a business. Anything that has a lock or security locking system can be serviced and opened by a commercial locksmith in Grapevine. Today’s locksmiths have as much technical knowledge as they do mechanical for helping commercial businesses with their security and lock problems. The following information will cover the services to expect from commercial locksmiths.

Commercial Vehicles

If your business has company vehicles, at some point in time someone is going to lose their keys or lock them in the vehicle. It is something that just happens. Cars, small trucks, commercial trucks, big rigs, and any kind of vehicle with locks can be penetrated so your workers do not experience lengthy downtime in their work day. If you have a company car with a key-fob problem, a commercial locksmith can program it and make the appropriate adjustments for your locking system.

Safes and Cabinets

Most businesses have at least a safe or two and locked file cabinets and drawers. Locksmiths can crack safes and help you get into cabinets if you have lost your combination or keys. They can change your safe combination and provide locks for your cabinets as well. When your confidential documents, money, and other things you keep in your cabinets and safes needs to be accessed or protected, locksmiths are the professionals that can help.

Alarms and Access Systems

Business owners need to have a reliable and functioning alarm system and access areas for optimal security in their business. Exit alarms, electronic and push button locking systems, and electronic access systems can all be installed and repaired by locksmiths with commercial training. When you cannot afford to have these systems compromised, it is smart to have them checked and repaired by quality locksmith contractors.

Other services provided by a commercial locksmith in Grapevine can include unlocking doors, creating a master key system, and making keys for your commercial vehicles, cabinets, and doors. All Hours Locksmith of North Texas is dedicated to providing you with reliable and dependable services for all your commercial needs. They also provide services for automobile and residential applications.

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