Nov 13, 2013

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Services Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry in Oceanside, CA

Having your smile enhanced with cosmetic dentistry procedures can provide dramatic effects for your entire appearance. Even the smallest steps can help to boost your self-esteem, confidence and make you want to smile more often. With the modern advances in Cosmetic Dentistry in Oceanside, CA, you can achieve a wide array of services to enhance your smile and help you achieve better oral health. Some of the services that are offered by cosmetic dentistry procedures are highlighted here.
Teeth Whitening
In most cases, whitening, which is also referred to as bleaching, is a process that most people can benefit from. The whitening process can be completed in the dentist office, or with a custom mold and product that your dentist gives to you to use at home. This is a completely safe process that can whiten and brighten your smile.
No longer do you have to have a mouth full of silver if you develop a cavity. Instead, composite resins and porcelain materials that are the color of your teeth are used. These materials will mimic the function, feel and look of your natural teeth, bonding to the surface and allowing the dentin and enamel to remain intact. This means that you can preserve more of the natural tooth, which means that less repair work will be needed in the future.
Dental Implants
This is a Cosmetic Dentistry in Oceanside, CA procedure that will actually replace the roots of teeth that are missing. The dental implant is then topped with a crown that is built on the implant and will help to maintain bone support for the adjacent teeth, which will extend their life. A dental implant is a type of permanent service that can be expected to last many years. This is the optimum choice for the replacement of any missing or lost teeth.
Each of these procedures can help you to enhance and improve your smile and your oral health. Dr. George Braithwaite offers all of these services and can help to customize procedures to meet your specific needs. Cosmetic dentistry procedures will help you achieve a smile that you are excited to show off.

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