Jun 12, 2014

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Services Offered by Children’s Dentistry Haymarket VA Clinic

Children are very sensitive and especially if they have any form of abnormality or deformity. If your child has dental complication or deformity, it might be one of the main reasons as to why they are withdrawn or don’t want to socialize. Their performance in school might also worsen with time. The child can however undergo a correction process to rectify the nature of the teeth. If you are a parent whose child has broken, stained, brown, misaligned or crowded teeth, you might want to consider taking them to childrens dentistry in haymarket va clinic. They are professional dentists who make sure that, at the end of any procedure, your child will be able to confidently smile from ear to ear in every photo taken henceforth. Below are some of the services they offer.

Fixing broken or fractured teeth

A child may break or fracture their teeth when playing or through an accident. One of the most common methods used to correct this is bonding. Crowns, veneers and sealants, are all forms of bonding. The process involves the use of special dental adhesives which bonds the material used to the teeth. The dentist does it so perfectly that it will be hard for one to notice a bonded tooth because it matches the original ones.

Teeth whitening

Children get stained or brown teeth from poor dental hygiene, taking too much candy or through certain medications. The teeth can be effectively whitened in the dentist’s office where he uses whitening chemicals on them. The results of this method are notable immediately after your child’s first whitening visit. You can also opt to use whitening toothpastes or gels, but their results are noted after 4 weeks of their use. They are however more affordable.

Teeth alignment

Misaligned or crowded teeth in a child are easily aligned when the child is younger. The dentist will mostly suggest the use of braces to correct this problem. The child may have to use the braces until the desired results are attained. You are however advised to make sure that your child observes proper hygiene when using braces.

SmileZ Pediatric Dental Group is a specialized childrens dentistry haymarket va office committed to providing quality dental care to children of all ages. For more information and to book a dental appointment, visit the website.

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