Feb 17, 2015

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Services Offered by a Millwright in Texas

The role of a Millwright in Texas is to install, repair, dismantle, reassemble and even move equipment and machinery found in power plants, construction sites and factories. Since these professionals work in production facilities or construction sites, it’s normal for them to experience minor injuries such as strains, bruises and cuts. In most cases, millwrights are employed on a contract basis and spend only a few days at one location.

What the Millwright Does

Some of the basic services offered by a Millwright in Texas includes:

•  Repairing or installing equipment and machinery

•  Read and understand blueprints and instructions on equipment and machinery

•  Align and adjust all moving parts

•  Take existing machinery apart in order to make room for new machinery

•  Replace any defective parts of the machine when needed

•  Move equipment and machinery

Millwrights are considered highly skilled professionals. The work they do can take just a few days or a few weeks. In order for someone to succeed in this career, a person should have a technical mind, which will allow them to understand the inner workings of the equipment and machines they are working on.

Equipment Used by a Millwright

Professional millwrights use a number of different tools, including levels and hammers, as well as equipment for cutting, brazing and welding. They also often use other tools such as precision measuring devices, lasers, measuring tapes and micrometers. If they are working on a larger project, they often use trucks and cranes.

The Working Environment of a Millwright

The majority of millwrights work in power plants, construction sites or factories, and typically belong to a union. When working on a construction site, they have to be careful around the heavy equipment. In many cases, they work in dangerous positions, adding additional potential to be injured.

The role of a millwright is one that can be dangerous; however, they are essential parts of the factory and power plant environment. Keeping the machines and equipment in proper working condition will ensure that all the other workers are safe, and that there are no malfunctions. Without a millwright, chances are expensive machinery will have to be replaced often, costing the company a large amount of money they could otherwise save.

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