Services Available from a Gas Fireplaces Company

Gas fireplaces are energy-efficient, affordable, and burn clean. They are also suitable for any room in any home. A chimney is not needed because the fireplace is vented out of the side of the house. That means a Gas Fireplaces Company can install one in a back family room, a second story bedroom, the basement, an addition, the kitchen, or a home office. Once the size and brand of fireplace are chosen, the company will provide design services for the front and the surrounding frame, based on customer preferences. A custom built in can be created, a mantel or hearth can be added, or a stone frame can be constructed.

Repair, maintenance, and inspections are also offered for all major manufacturers and brands of gas fireplaces. Proper servicing will keep the fireplace operating efficiently. Annual cleaning, for example, is needed so the lines will not get clogged with dust or debris, and the vent remains clear. It is a simple and cost-effective practice that will save time and money because the fireplace will remain operating efficiently. Keeping any room warm and cozy is easy with a gas fireplace, and healthier than burning wood. There is no soot, no ashes, and no burning embers that can become a fire hazard. There is also no danger of a chimney fire, or excess moisture and drafts entering the home through the top of the chimney.

Another service provided by a Gas Fireplaces Company is converting a wood fireplace to a gas one. The process can be completed in one day. Inserts come complete with a fan, a remote control, and a variety of decorative fronts. Compare costs and what is included in the price of the conversion. An experienced company will provide a comprehensive proposal, with no hidden costs, and no surprises. A complete conversion involves more than the insert. A proper estimate should include the fireplace, the front and surrounding frame, gal line installation, the pipe for venting, a remote control unit, the installation of electrical components, and the cost of inspections and permits from the city and state of the installation. Customers can go to for details on all the services available.

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