Jan 13, 2020

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Service Your Air Conditioning Unit with Omaha, NE Appliance Repair Servcies

As the summer weather approaches we have to turn our attention to our Air Conditioners and we need to making sure that they are working properly and efficiently. There are a few basic things you need to do before you put them to work. If you have a permanent interior or exterior unit you should always have a certified professional service it. Many companies offer a yearly service plan at an affordable price. If you have a window unit, check the plug to see if it is in good condition and look for any damaged or exposed wiring. If there is damage contact a licensed Air Conditioning repair service company in Omaha, NE to properly fix the wiring to prevent fires or electrical shocks.

Before using your window unit you need to check the filter to make sure that it is clean and mold free, if not replace it. If it is a washable filter, follow manufacturing directions for cleaning and maintaining the filter and replace it when needed. Otherwise wash it with mild soapy water, rinsing with warm water until it looks clean and the water runs clear. You should inspect the exterior fins for any damage and wash them at least once a year. Using your hose rinse the fins in a vertical motion to remove any dirt and debris that may have built up which can interfere with the cooling process of your unit.

Should you find any problems with your unit it is time to call your local Air Conditioning Omaha, NE service dealer to have them diagnose what repairs are needed to be done to your appliance? Service it on a regular basis can prevent you from having a breakdown during the hottest times when the unit has to work the hardest. The most common problem is the Air Conditioner is not cycling or cooling properly, which could be the results of many reason. With regular servicing you can have the compressor, thermostat and the belt checked for problems. Sometimes the coils can leak or the unit may need to be recharged with refrigerant, which only a licensed professional can do according to EPA laws. Following these few simples steps should help you enjoy a comfortable and safe summer this year. For more information, contact Accurate Heating & Cooling.

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