Feb 21, 2014

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Serve Gelato at a Social Gathering

Gelato is great for almost any occasion, whether it is a business meeting, social gathering or even just with friends. The great thing about gelato is that it can be served warm, or cold. It does not melt like ice cream does, and many people state that it tastes so much better when heated. Gelato is also a very popular dessert at weddings. There are many flavors in which to choose, and there are a multitude of colors to suit many different themes. Coconut flavored gelato is perfect for a beach styled wedding.  Guests will find it to be a refreshing treat that is delicious and light. Everyone loves the cool great taste that gelato offers.

The Basic Flavors of Gelato

If you are planning on serving gelato to a group of guests, then it is always better to choose a common flavor. This includes anything from vanilla, to milk, and white chocolate. Remember, you can always spice it up with your own selection of toppings and sauces, to create a truly mind blowing dessert that suits the taste buds of all your peers.  You can also choose different ways to serve gelato. For example, at a wedding, serve it in white dishes with sugared toppings and white chocolate sauce. At a romantic meal for two, opt for strawberry with dark chocolate sauce and wafers. With gelato, you can do almost anything, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Serve Gelato at Cocktail Parties

Gelato is a great dessert to serve at a cocktail party. With cocktails, you get such a wide range of flavors that complement many gelato flavors. From passion fruit, to key lime, and even pink grapefruit, the combinations are endless. Soft serve ice cream can add a lot of fun to any occasion, and you can be completely creative with this taste infused dessert. Some people even like to add their own fruit to the mix to add to the flavor. Fruit like orange segments and lemon slices make great additions, and people can even create their own infusions of fruit and gelato to make a truly memorable dessert.

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