Aug 25, 2014

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Sell Reusable Bags & Other Products & Raise Funds

Starting a fundraiser is always an excellent way to improve organizations, such as elementary schools, clubs and groups, by collecting necessary funds. If you’re interested in launching a fundraising campaign, choose a knowledgeable company to navigate you through the process. Fundraising campaigns for schools and non-profit organizations, while typically simple to put together, are usually only successful if sellers are committed to marketing quality products and following smart advertising plans. Talented representatives will answer your questions, suggest ideas, and help you build a fundraising campaign that’s sure to attract buyers and generate profits.

Professional Support
With the support of a fundraising company behind you, kick-starting any fundraiser is simple, fast, and effective. The two most important starting points for any successful fundraiser are organizing seller packets and samples and designing an advertising plan. Seller packets and samples are crucial in fundraising campaigns, as you can distribute information to buyers and use samples in displays. An advertising representative at the right company can aid you in mapping out an intelligent marketing plan, guaranteed to boost fundraiser awareness and overall profits.

Appealing Products
One of the best ways to ensure your fundraiser is successful is catalog distribution. Totes, handbags, lunch bags, backpacks and other reusable bags are popular choices in catalog fundraisers, especially if buyers can customize their bags. Depending on the company supplying the catalogs, your buyers can choose from other products in addition to reusable bags, such as scarves, bracelets, stationary, etc. Your skilled fundraising representative will work with you to help you decide on the most advantageous marketing routes for your catalog fundraiser.

Why Partner with a Company?
When you’re looking to build a fundraising campaign, relying on a dependable and helpful company from the start is the best way to ensure seamlessness and satisfying results. They’ll not only make starting up your fundraising campaign much easier, but they’ll also help you collect and fill buyers’ orders if necessary. Accordingly, they’ll sort, pack and ship products on your behalf, streamlining the process and removing unneeded hassles on your part. Partnering with an experienced company will shorten and simplify the fundraising process from start to finish.

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