Jan 24, 2014

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Selecting an answering service

Business is a 24 hour a day proposition; it never sleeps but the people who are responsible for seeing that the business runs smoothly and effectively must sleep. If you are responsible for managing a property such as an apartment building then being in a position to service your tenants and employees after normal business hours is important. If a tenant has a problem after hours, although he or she may not be able to report directly, the tenant will be able to get the message to you if the phone is picked up by a property management answering service. The same is true for employees; if reaching you by voice mail is not a valid option then they too will find the 24 hour answering service extremely beneficial.

The cost of the service depends wholly on the service that you want to provide for your tenants. There are basically two levels of service that you can opt for; needless to say, the higher the level of service the more it is going to cost but regardless of the service level the one common denominator is that the call will be answered as if the tenant was actually speaking to an employee of the management company.

Basic services:

The basic property management answering service is the least expensive and gives the bare minimum of what one might expect from an answering service. Once the call has been picked up by an agent of the answering service company, the caller will be greeted and the agent will proceed to provide service to the caller. Using the guidelines that you as the management company representative provide, the agent can triage the incoming call and decide if you should be contacted right away, whether alternatives can be given or whether it is a simple matter of taking a message which will be relayed at the opening of the next business day.

Advanced services:

There are more complexities associated with more advanced services, these services also cost more but in the eyes of many mangers, the additional cost is well worth the additional services provided. From the moment the call is answered the caller will still be greeted but in addition to the basics, you can decide what additional services that can be given by the agent of the answering service. These extras can consist of technical information and emergency service dispatch.

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