Jan 19, 2015

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Selecting A Qualified Injury Lawyer

There are many more places that injuries can happen than simply automobile accidents. Any injury lawyer in Miami can point out many other areas where injuries that are the result of someone else’s negligence including injuries on the job, perhaps an injury caused by a faulty product you purchased or medical malpractice. As long as it can be shown that the injury is the direct result of negligence on the part of another individual or entity it is considered as tort.

If you have suffered injury through no fault of your own but as a result of negligence on the part of another you will need an injury lawyer in Miami that is seasoned in litigating these types of cases. The question becomes,” how do you go about finding an injury lawyer?” What you will be looking for is a legal professional who has proven expertise in handling personal injury law suits, has a good record of settling cases before they go to court as well as being tenacious in court if the case should go that far. To help you find a lawyer that meets these criteria here are a few hints.

* You will be seeking a lawyer who is seen as a “plaintiffs” lawyer rather than a defense lawyer. If you have been injured as a result of negligence then you are the aggrieved party, you are known as the plaintiff in this case. The individual or entity seen as being responsible for the injury is known as the defendant, this person will be represented by either a lawyer he or she engaged personally or a lawyer from the insurance company.

* You will want to study the profile of the lawyer you are considering, check the skills that the lawyer has, what law school did he or she graduate from, how many successful cases has the lawyer been involved in? These are all important questions to ask as a lawyer can often be measured by the number of successes he or she has and how many clients were happy with the outcome.

* In the event the case cannot be settled out of court make sure your candidate is comfortable in court. If the defense balks when your lawyer tries to negotiate a settlement and demands to take the case in front of a judge and jury, ask yourself if your lawyer has the confidence to challenge and threaten an insurance company in court. If your lawyer appears the least bit inexperienced there is little doubt that the defense will sense this and force the matter into court where they know they can defeat the arguments and end up with a settlement more in their favor.

Once you have identified an injury lawyer in Miami whom you feel comfortable with, see that they work on contingency which means you have no upfront legal expenses as the lawyer will be compensated out of the award.

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