Dec 6, 2017

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Select from Various Wedding Chuppahs in Maui for Your Wedding Ceremony

Select from Various Wedding Chuppahs in Maui for Your Wedding Ceremony

Do you need a wedding chuppah? If so, you can obtain the accessory for a wedding party rental company. Chuppahs are available in a number of colors and can be ordered with or without the addition of sheer fabric.

Contact a Florist for Decorations

A wedding chuppah is indeed an important wedding accessory for Jewish couples, as it is used to symbolize the home a married couple will share after the marriage. However, because of its importance, it can be hard to decide what to choose. Once you receive your chuppah, you can gain further assistance from a florist, who can match the chuppah to your wedding decor.

Indeed wedding chuppahs in Maui can take different forms as some are even held. If you have four close friends you want to include in your wedding ceremony, give each of them the designation of chuppah holder.

Making an Easier Selection

When making a selection, review the various wedding chuppahs that are offered through a wedding party rental store online. If you do not want a lot of people standing in close proximity during the ceremony, you are better off choosing a freestanding chuppah. This type of chuppah is also easier to decorate with flowers or other adornments. You can begin decorating several hours before the wedding begins.

Choosing a Pole Height

Since wedding chuppahs come in a variety of sizes, you want to also ensure you select the right size. Therefore, ensure that the chuppah you choose is the correct height. You do not want to stand stooped under the canopy during the ceremony. When selecting chuppah poles, it is always a good idea to pick poles that are about two feet taller than the tallest individual standing under the canopy. Normally eight feet is a standard pole size.

Where to Learn More about a Wedding Chuppah

You can find out more about the available chuppahs and other wedding accessories when you contact us by phone or online. Make sure you have the right chuppah delivered for your special day.

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